To evolve a generation of physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing perpetuating ‘common goodness’ to humanity with differentiated responsibilities through holistic learning process.


  1. To impart knowledge through process of learning in which students, teachers and parents enjoy in participating with a definite role to play, catering the needs of career driven world and growing towards the wellness of humankind, for a better world without divisions of colour, caste, creed, religion, ethnicity etc.
  2. To facilitate students’ physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual growth and wellbeing along with teachers’ and parents’ aiming at the common goodness.

What makes us special?

Highly Merit and Research Oriented Education

Multiple – Intelligence Education: Special attention to multiple intelligence through our varied curriculum catering to the diverse needs and conforming to different backgrounds.

Unleash creativity through active and passive meditation, catering to physical, intellectual and spiritual zones of students.

International Exposure: Eminent, international faculty team. Explore the possibility of vertual class room.

Edutainment tours: Edutainment tours to develop the students holistically.

Career Mapping: Career Development & Stream selection for children – Our helpdesk enables students to select and focus on educational streams which they are passionate about, in addition to providing guidance to enter into higher education in their realms of interest.

Support Hub: Help students to tackle their emotional, social and learning issues with help from parents and teachers through our unique Mentor system.

Experiential Learning System: Enriched acceleration programmes to assess the thinking capability and problem solving skills.

Learn to tackle real world problems by experiencing resource, time and finance management through fun activities.

Poornodaya Education Community

Poornodaya Education Community has been the space of a lifelong education. The research and experiential centre enhance the child development index by building up the physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual quotients among children. We envisage four zones of development.

Physical Zone

Mental Zone

Intellectual Zone

Spiritual Zone

Why Choose Poornodaya?

  1. Special focus on life skill development.
  2. Individual focus.
  3. Low student – to – teacher class room ratio.
  4. Stress free learning environment.
  5. Boost-up for academic advancement.
  6. Study of foreign languages such as German and Italian.
  7. Co-operative learning system.
  8. Support of a team of educationalists and psychologists.
  9. Celebrating each child’s uniqueness.
  10. Creating a family – friendly school environment