Eco-Friendly Campus

We have made extensive effort to ensure that we are an environmentally conscious educational institute to inculcate a respect towards our environment in our children. The extensive campus provides ample space for recreational facilities including playground. We promoted healthy lifestyle stressing the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly living habits both at school and at home.

Light and Spacious Classrooms

The classrooms at Poornodaya are equipped with the most modern teaching aids and materials. With its spacious interiors and brightly lit interiors, every classroom enable the delivery of lessons and learning more effective.

Next Gen. Labs

Technology Labs- Your kids will be at the forefront of technological know how with our state of the art technology labs. Language Labs- Each language is special and requires dedicated effort from a school. We show our commitment through dedicated language labs. Subject Labs- Your kids will learn by experience, not by trudging through the Text in our specialized subject labs.

Next Gen. Library

e-library- We utilize the latest technology to instill the evergreen habit of reading books in our children. Audio books and e-books co-exist with our good old print books, sustaining and nurturing the avid  readers among our children. Visual Library – Videos and cinemas are powerful media which we leverage to the maximum, opening the minds of our children to the best works from around the world.

Cultural Exchange Programs

The need for a healthy exposure to different cultures across the world is necessary for students trying to step out into a vastly competitive world. It is also important for young minds to learn and appreciate the various differences among various cultures. In this context we have set up cultural exchange programs to help facilitate this requirement. Students from foreign cultures will visit Poornodaya and our students would get an opportunity to visit those cultures as part of this program.

International Faculty

Poornodaya has built strategic academic partnership programs with international academic institutions. In this context we are able to share and source many academic resources. We are blessed with a regular interface with the faculty from these international institutions, who bring that much needed exposure and knowledge to our students.

Foreign Language Training (German, Italian)

The students are given the opportunity to learn German and Italian at Poornodaya. The need to have knowledge of a foreign language os of utmost importance in today’s increasingly globalised world.


As part of their overall development initiatives, the campus is equipped with a state-of-the art basketball court and playground. The students are able to take part in various coaching sessions for a variety of different sporting activities.


An infirmary that works round the clock to cater to the medical needs of the students is available in the campus. A doctor is on call 24×7 to tend to any medical emergencies.

Career Guidance Assistance

Our career guidance cell helps students discover new avenues and possibilities in their careers. The cell also organises several career fairs and seminars in the campus for students.

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes are provided for students who face difficulties in certain subjects. Every effort is made to bring them up to speed on the daily lessons. The students can also volunteer to help their peers with their difficulties in various subjects.

Social Outreach Programs

The students are encouraged to participate in various social outreach programs at Poornodaya. The idea is to enable them to interact with the less privileged sections of society. As part of these programs, once every month the teachers and students regularly visit old age homes and special schools in the area.
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