It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. It is with such a small step that Poornodaya was founded back in 2002. And yet today we stand on the same path we had started on all those years ago. This was a path that was less taken, a path that promised a better future and a better world. Transcending the four walls of a classroom, Poornodaya has been at the forefront of a revolution that the present system of education needed. This has required us to go back in time to learn from our ancient Gurukul education system. It has been our sincere effort at Poornodaya to keep true to this path. Even in these rapidly changing times, the basic foundations that we have directed our efforts upon have never changed, while accepting the need to adapt to the challenges on our path. Going beyond the realm of a conventional school, Poornodaya seeks to instil in its stakeholders a sense of appreciation for true wisdom and knowledge.

It is of prime importance for the students to be exposed to a variety of academic and non-academic programs. We have academic and cultural exchange programs with some of Europe’s best academic institutions. This gives the students at Poornodaya an exposure to the cultural and academic nuances and intricacies of these countries. We also have faculties visiting us from these international institutions. The career guidance cell also helps the students explore higher education and job opportunities abroad.

Our faculty team too has benefitted from these programs and this has helped Poornodaya grow in a holistic manner. I now would like to invite you to join our hands together and shape the bright young minds and lives that will create a better India and a better world.


Anish K Joy,

Educational Director

  • B Sc Mathematics, B D Theology & Philosophy, M Th – Theology & Cultural Studies, STL  (Licentiate from Italy) – Christian Anthropology & Spirituality (Italy).
  • Research Fellow- Christian Anthropology – Area of Research: Gender Studies focusing on giving equal respect and values for women (Italy).
  • Associate Professor at Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kerala, India
  • Guest Lecturer at Dr.-Engel-Realschule, Germany.
  • Visiting Scholar at St Paul University, Canada.
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