Principal’s Desk:

Poornodaya strives be more than a school, transcending the confines of a four wall structured system of education. Serving as a knowledge pool where the students and teachers come together to share knowledge. We envision a future with an education system that promotes mutual growth and holistic learning rather than cut-throat competition and exam oriented learning systems.

  • Learning that is enabled through real life and hands on experience.
  • Talent nurturing and skill honing programs.
  • Multiple Intelligence & Integrated Learning that drives students to achieve their true academic and personal potentials.

From an academic stand point we have been affiliated to the Council for The Indian SchoolCertificate Examinations (ICSE). In addition to this we have facilitated several academic programs that develop the academic and literary potentials of the students.

Maya Mary Ittan M Sc, M Ed, SSL (Italy)


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